Monday, June 8, 2009

Supreme Consideration

There have been a number of good articles and blog posts relating to the appeal by the Indiana Pensioners to the Supreme Court. The Wall Street Journal had a good article, and a lively comment section that I participated in.

The revelations about the email exchanges prior to the bankruptcy filing are interesting, and disturbing. The Journal provided an excellent article on the subject.

Zero Hedge has been providing some interesting analyses and discussions on the subject, including this post (where I also participated in the comments section).

Of course, the Steve Jacubowski at the Bankruptcy Litigation Blog and Professor Stephen Lubben of the Credit Slips Blog (and Seton Hall) have provided interesting legal analyses and dug up interesting points buried in the Court filings.

The SCOTUSblog (covering the Supreme Court of the United States) has provided interesting information as well.

So much to read. So little time.

We wait to see what Justice Ginsburg does tomorrow in relation to the stay. If that is approved, then we will wait to see if the Court grants certiorari.

The Chrysler case. Seldom boring.

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