Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different ...

I miss Monty Python!

While the focus of this blog is on finance, money, markets, economics, and other related subjects; I want to take this opportunity to mention one of my other passions, the New York Giants.

According to my parents, when I was just a baby I watched the championship game in 1963. I guess that's when it started. As I grew up and understood the game, I became an avid Giants fan.

I get an emotional high when they win; not so much when they lose (the 70s were tough).

Tonight Eli & Co. stepped up and won against the Falcons. They looked good, mostly, and are now 4-2.

When they started the season with two losses (giving up a total of 80 points), I was starting to hunker down for a long season - and focusing on the Mets to cheer me up (but that's another story).

Now the Giants have won four games in a row. The press seems to have focused on how the new Defense has started to click, and that's definitely true.

What surprised me, however, is that nobody seems to have noticed that the two teams that the Giants lost to are now each 5-1. The only team that the Giants have beaten that has a winning record is the Redskins.

To me that says two things: 1 the Giants losses were two of the top teams in the League; and 2 now that the Giants are getting used to the new system, they might now have the ability to defeat the two teams that beat them so badly. They play the Cowboys again on November 11th, so that will give us a better feel.

So tonight I'm in a good mood.

Just thought I'd share that.

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