Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Posting Policy

I met with several people yesterday, one of whom pointed out an error in the way that I presented the value of carried interest at the inception of a fund (which would have the effect of completely changing my stance on the issue).

I am reviewing the arguments and I expect to post again on this subject.

Part of the reason that I started this blog was to initiate conversations on topics that, while often complex, are interesting to me and relate to financial markets and economics (generally). Unfortunately, thus far, the only comments that I have received (while helpful) were received off-line.

Please feel free to comment, whether you agree with me or not. I am always interested in learning of alternative approaches that may (or may not) teach me something new (or remind me of something I forgot).

As in the hedge/private equity taxation issue, if I'm wrong I want to be able to recognize that. In this case, since the comments were from people who did not want to comment directly, I felt compelled to remove the posts until I become more comfortable with my position.

I didn't intend this blog to be strictly a monologue on my part (although it is nice to be able to throw ideas out into the blogosphere in the hope that it makes some degree of difference).

I hope that people will feel free to comment (even anonymously). Of course, I would be more comfortable knowing who is posting (even if my knowledge is received off-line), but what I really hope for are well thought out arguments for why I am right or wrong.

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